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Once we shared our lives with Faeries, they were amongst us all the time. As the world has changed they have withdrawn from our gardens and our homes, into a realm a bit more difficult to reach now days. Let us slip back into their mystical realm and invite them back into ours. May we all be blessed and enchanted by their companionship.

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Faery Images

Here you will find all sorts of images, paintings, and artwork of Fairies that I have found from all over the internet as well as from several books. At this point this page is just a place to drop off the images. I am working on a more creative and visually attractive way to show off all of this enchanting Faery artwork. If you are have your own Faerie artwork that you would like to show off here, just contact me and I will add it to my wonderful collection of artwork.

Gaia's Gifts and Jewelry: Faery Images