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Once we shared our lives with Faeries, they were amongst us all the time. As the world has changed they have withdrawn from our gardens and our homes, into a realm a bit more difficult to reach now days. Let us slip back into their mystical realm and invite them back into ours. May we all be blessed and enchanted by their companionship.

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Faery Facts

Here you will find all sorts of information about Faeries, a place to learn about the magic of the Faery Folk. As much as I can gather along with submissions from others. I don’t get to work on this page as much as I would like, so it is coming along much slower than I was hoping. Every once in awhile I get a good spurt of research done & I add a few entries then. I get my information from different internet sites and books. I love the book The Fairy Faith in Celtic Countries by W.Y. Evans-Wentz! I also get lots of little bits of fascinating facts from the Faeries themselves…give a wee one some lavender wine and they will sit back, relax and tell you just about anything you want to know!

Attracting Faeries Into Your Garden

To attract them into your garden keep it clear of weeds and slugs. Find plants and flowers that they are attracted to and need. Foxglove, meaning “Folk’s glove” is used for gloves and hats. Tulips are good for clothing and for their babe's beds. They love fruit trees such as apple, cherry or pear. They like to use the blossoms for clothing and for spring festivities. They cherish the Great Oak and use the acorns for decoration, celebrations and use the tops for hats. The beautiful leaves are used in the autumn celebrations. There are some families of Faeries who live in the Great Oaks. Hundreds of Faeries have been found to live in the oldest Oaks. There are Faeries to be found in every Oak tree, the health and energy of the surrounding environment plays a major role in determining the number of Faeries that actually inhabit the Great Oak. Place crystals in the ground surrounding the Oaks and build a Faery Ring around the Oak if you feel that the energy needs lifting.

If you build a house for them they may stay if they like the house, the garden and what you have to offer. Place crystals around your garden. Faeries love the Earth energy of the crystals. Faeries love to look at themselves so place little mirrors in the huts. I collect sticks, twigs and moss from around my garden to build the hut. The huts should be natural looking, they like to blend in with nature. They like bright and shiny things, but not painted homes, so if you want to add color to the huts, I use sterling silver wire to attach small crystals or chunks of stained glass. Once you build the hut, don’t forget about the courtyard. Plant flowers and arrange pine cones, acorns or any decorative objects around the hut. Don’t forget about the tables and beds. A nice flat stone can be used as a table and feathers, tulips or moss can be used as a bed.

Build Faery circles in the garden for them to come and dance in the moonlight. Offer honey cakes and Blackberry wine and anything made of saffron. Along with peace and purity in your garden you are sure to get visits from Faeries. Keep your garden stocked with goodies and in time they may move in permanently and soon a whole village will pop up.

If you happen to live near a stream, you are probably lucky enough to have water Faeries. Create the huts and gardens along a path up to your house to bring other Faeries closer to your home. If you don’t have a stream, building a water garden is just as good. Focus on the area around the water garden and work your way out from there. Before you know it, they will be checking out your home and following you when you leave your house.

Attracting Faeries Into Your Home

Once you get them into your garden Faeries are easily attracted into your home. Build huts and natural settings throughout your house. Lots of potted plants and the same treats, crystals and trinkets scattered as in your garden will make the Faeries feel right at home. If you don’t have a garden space, check out most of the suggestions for attracting Faeries into your garden. Instead of a water garden, a small table top fountain will work nicely. Faeries like to have fresh air, so airing out our home often will help keep them around. Bring in as much of the outdoors as you can to help make them comfortable.

Once in the home they love to help children, especially with nightmares. You may have Faeries in you home already without even knowing it. They protect children throughout the day and happily watch over them at night. They can keep away any malicious nighttime sprits wishing harm or causing nightmares. In the middle of the night, the Faeries often get to the children before the parents do. When children wake up crying and scared from nightmares, Faeries will comfort them and put them back to sleep. By the time the parents reach the children they are sleeping happily and contented. A child’s imaginary friend, or some happy distant tune coming from nowhere, you will find is actually a Faery. Occasionally they may tease a dog, who in turn will bark seemingly at nothing.

Faeries are very curious. If they notice that you are leaving treats and trinkets for them, they will return again and again. Remember to be nice, be respectful and kind to them and to all in your life. When they bless you with a gift of any sort, don’t forget to thank them with your heart and of course a little cake is always appreciated. Take good care of the Earth, not just your little patch on the planet, pick up trash in your path and plant volunteer gardens in your community. When you start losing things, such as keys or glasses, or when things get mysteriously broken you most likely have offended the Faeries. Or you may have a mischievous little one who enjoys watching you search for your lost keys only to find them right where you left them. Either way that is the time to start making offerings to appease those you have offended, or to attract those Faeries who will run off malicious ones.


Known in Scotland as the caoineag, meaning Wailing Woman a Banshee is an Irish fairy that is attached to a house. While she is seldom seen she can be heard wailing as a warning that a member of the family is about to die.


A Dryad is a female tree spirit. Originally thought to be specific to Oak Trees, these nymphs can be found in most any tree. They are very shy and it is unlikely that that they will make themselves known to even the gentlest humans.

Faery (Fairy, Faerie, Fairie, Faiery)

From the Latin term for "Fate" or "Fated Ones" or from ancient pagan mythology "faunoe of fatuoe" representing the companion of the deer or fawn, Faeries symbolize the spirit of Nature. A supernatural or mystical being having magical powers, the Faery usually lives in the woods near water. They travel easily between dimensions and can disappear before your eyes. They can be as big as humans or as small as a toadstool, or even smaller. They are said to be immortal, but we are not really certain about that. It is believed that depending on the type of Faery, the age varies between 30 and 3000 years. Faeries are known to bless people they are enchanted by with gifts of beauty, wealth and kindheartedness. If they are especially enamored with a human Faeries have been known to slow down the aging process. They are generally good natured, but when wronged can be very vengeful. While many see their existence only in a child's Fairy Tale the proof that they are real can be seen in Nature and in little miracles every day.

Faery Food

Faeries love what the Earth provides for them nuts, fresh fruits and berries are cherished meals. The most welcomed treat for them is little cakes, especially honey cakes. Most any sweets will be accepted. Homemade fruit wines, such as blackberry wine and homebrew beers are gladly accepted beverages, perfect for a night of revelry.

Fairy Clusters©

It is a well know fact that most Faeries love anything shiny, shimmery, sparkly or glittery. Fairy Clusters© are tiny clusters of gems, pearls, crystals or glass beads with silver accents. These clusters are said to make Fairies so joyously happy they will befriend anyone who gives them one & will protect them for life. The magick woven into the clusters will attract Fairies to any one that wears them. They are so enchanted by the delightful little clusters they are known to follow the wearer home and move right in. The Fairy Clusters© are also woven with magick to bring luck as well as protection to the wearer.


A sort of twilight place where Faeries dwell. This is where the most important of celebrations occur. Most of the time it is a place for magical folks only, but humans have been known to wander unknowingly and loose all track of time. What may seem like a few minutes in Fairyland may actually be days, months or even years.


Gnomes are the guardians of mines and quarries and often live underground.


Enchanting creatures having the torso of a human and a tail of a fish. A mermaid is the more commonly seen female while the merman of course is the male. They have been known to help out ships & sailors caught in dangerous storms and bring them to safety. There have also been reports of shipwrecked sailors being taken down to the merfolk's underwater kingdoms.


A Naiad is a water nymph.


Pixies are very mischievous and love pranks. When something is your car keys or your wallet Pixies probably had something to do with it. They love to dance and are known to leave Pixie dust trailing behind them as they dance and dart thru a house or garden.


Sylphs are female fairies connected with the element of Air. They are mostly invisible but are often seen as transparent glowing figures and are very elusive. Sylph comes from the Greek word silphe meaning butterfly or moth.

Wee Folk

Wee Folk is a nickname used by the Scottish & Irish that refers to Fairies.